Penaxx the Defiler


Penaxx, one of the seven Mage-Lords of Irea, is often noted for being one of the more quiet of his kin. His magical dominion is largely that of the Necromantic and Dead. Husks of what once were all manner of living beings can be seen wandering the shoreline and empty cities when approaching his island. Rarely seen physically he prefers his “servants” take care of any and all business related to his Kingdoms upkeep.

The Lord of Grave Harbour, as he has also been known, only ever appears adorned in a large cloaked covering his torso and Legs. The only part not concealed by his mantle is his head. No one who has seen the Necromancer have no idea whether this is simply a crown he fashioned himself or in fact a sign that he has found an unnatural means to extend his life beyond death.

He said to be cold, calculating and exacting in his actions. His motives appear to be not aggressive, appearing instead to be building and waiting in his desolate land to the East. With such a large amount being unknown about the Defiler, it has led many to consider him a true power whom many do not seek to involve themselves with.


Penaxx the Defiler

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